As a Donator

How you can interact and
donate with the MonkeyBox


Donate by inserting coins or donate wireless by card.

Donation with different payment methods.

Receive love

The Monkey thanks you for your donation through visual interaction and a QR Code that leads you to our ‘Thank You’ Landing Page.

Emotional interaction combined with a technical integration to a confirmation page.

Direct transfers

Your donations are transferred directly to a NGO in the background.

Immediate transfers to NGOs without significant delays.

As an Organisation

How the process works
for Organisations

Get in Touch

Reach out and let’s talk about what campaign or initiative you would like to support with the MonkeyBox.

We define together the why, what and where.

It’s a Match

Based on your campaign or initiative and other conditions, we may find it’s match!

The MonkeyBox fits your needs or supports your goals!

Activation Plan

As Business Partner, we plan the MonkeyBoxes we could set up and activate with your donation. At other or your locations.

As a NGO, we together plan the set up and configuration of the MonkeyBoxes. So once the MonkeyBoxes are set up, the donations are directly transferred to your funds.

Planning and utilisation of donations and MonkeyBoxes.


Once the MonkeyBoxes are set up and in place, we can monitor the donations that come in realtime in our Cloud Solution.

Monitoring through the IoT Cloud Solution.


In love with our monkey? So let’s talk and find Out, if it’s a match.

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